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Boomio Time

Easy to use

Boomio admin panel is extremely easy to use. It allows you to launch your first loyalty campaign in just a few minutes. Set it up according to your needs and see the results roll in over time. All it takes is to select a few important parameters.

Boomio growth

Track your progress easily

Once you have your campaigns launched, easily track their progress and performance in our live KPI dashboard. You will be able to see how many visitors received a reward, came back to complete their purchase, how much extra revenue was generated. It makes it easy for you to see your return on investment.

Boomio selfservice dashboard
Boomio goals

Campaign rewards are the key element to Boomio loyalty system. Usually, visitors get rewarded either by a small discount or points they can collect. When given strategically, such rewards incentivise visitors to complete their purchase and significantly increase the conversion rate. Here are a few goals you can reach with Boomio:

  • Boost specific product sales
  • Boost product discovery
  • Increase store browsing time
  • Lead the visitor to complete their purchase

Your campaigns run smoothly on your website

Boomio integrate

Easy to integrate

It is extremely easy to integrate Boomio to your ecommerce store. Just download it from the Shopify marketplace and you are ready to go. Once installed, it will seamlessly connect to the Boomio admin panel, where you control all the campaigns.

Boomio E-commerce Plugin
Boomio add-ons

Works as an add-on based on your determined goals

On your website, Boomio works as an add-on which will appear to visitors according to their browsing behavior and your determined goals. Once the visitors engage with it and complete required actions, they can get rewarded. Their rewards will be saved in their account on Boomio Mobile App.

Your customers connect with you on
Boomio App

Boomio rewards

Rewards stored in Boomio app

When your website visitors or existing customers get rewarded, they are able to store their rewards on the Boomio Mobile App. This is a great way to stay on top of their mind and remind them to get back to you and complete or repeat their purchase.

Boomio Admin Panel For You
Boomio profile

Your profile in Boomio app

The App also makes it easy for your customers to connect with you. They will be able to see your profile and join your loyalty system. Once they do, you will be able to see them in your Loyal Customer Database on Boomio admin dashboard

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