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Points based games | Players achieve the highest points score and convert it to rewards.
Reward type of games | A one-time playable game element designed to reward visitors
The game will be created as it is displayed. If you want to personalize the game to fit your brand's style then request personalization.
Personalization applies ONLY to point - based games: background, scoreboard, rules box, reward window, games main character.
Highest score converts to % discount Determine the highest percentage discount users can get by converting their highest game scores. Users may receive discounts below the established maximum, but they will never surpass the specified maximum limit.
Chose max discount amount:
Set the duration of the game campaign. During the selected time game will be active and visible to players. You can choose to run your campaign continuously starting today or only during a specific date range.
Recommend not to set an end date. You will be able to stop the game campaign at any time.
Upon form submission, expect a response within 24 hours regarding payment details and game personalization to the provided contact information.
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