Gamification for eCommerce

Stand out in a crowded eCommerce arena - shift from discounts to genuine connections cultivating lasting customer loyalty.

We get the challenges you face

Discounts alone won't hold attention

Larger competitors have the capacity to surpass your offerings with more significant coupons, unless you provide customers with supplementary value.

Fear of eCommerce giants

Competing against Amazon, Temu, or AliExpress is achievable only through a dedicated customer base who consistently chooses your brand.

Changing consumer behavior

Adapt the loyalty program to evolving consumer behavior and give eCommerce customers reasons to stay connected regularly.

Use cases for eCommerce

Brand engagement

Increase customers' time spent with the brand by keeping engagement after purchase with entertaining and longer games.

In-Game branded ads

Gain additional visibility and maximize exposure for partnering brands with in-game advertisement opportunities.

Speed up purchases

Help customers make quicker purchase decisions, ensuring an engaging buying experience, by using Boomio's quick, fun games during flash sales.

User-Generated Content Campaigns

Foster community engagement by integrating Boomio's collaborative challenges and encouraging customers to share their experiences and achievements on social media.

Product sales and promotions

Encourage customers to click on ads with the promise of enjoyable games, turning ad interactions into thrilling experiences with a gamified approach.

Customer loyalty programs

Attract and retain loyalty subscribers with exclusive member-only games, providing special perks for your most dedicated customers.

Let us help you to stand out

With a fun and engaging gamified loyalty program that your customers will love!